Back in one month

So there you have it. It’s been decided. We’re off once again. The land of the great green rice field. Also known as 181 Barn Nong Pai, Moo Sarm, Tom Boon Nong Soon, Ampur Yangtalaat, Jungwat Kalasin. Try rattling that off to your taxi driver.

This trip will be different as we’ll be catching up with my brother in law from Finland. I haven’t seen Kari for about three years now and it will be good to catch up. He once told me that Finland only had a population of about six and a half million people. I asked if he knew why. Kari indicated he didn’t know why. My response took him somewhat by surprise. I said, “because it’s bloody cold”. I think I used somewhat stronger language at the time. He took it surprisingly well. Someone’s got to pay the tax right?

Quick trip this time. Only eleven days. I’m not going to give those mosquitos a chance to know I’m even there. I’m also taking Aeroguard. Elephant strength. The stuff they have over in Thailand is sold to tourists to attract the mosquitos to you, that way keeping them off the locals. Seems like a fair deal, for the locals!

Anyway, not to put too much emphasis on the environment, I actually have come to love it over there. My loving wife has already packed some nick-nacks to bring along. The container company will be by next week to pick them up. You think I’m joking don’t you? To accommodate her baggage requirements I will be posting my stuff by airmail ahead of time. What a guy.

To help acclimate to the local surroundings I’ve already taken to sleeping on our tiled floor and playing barnyard noises in the background whilst trying to do so. The next door neighbor must be wondering what the hell is going on next door.

Will keep you posted on the whole pre flight packing, it will be interesting…….