Apple, Granny Smith or Macintosh?

Well, a year on from my spectacular iMac purchase and now where are we?

The just released iMac is thinner. Yep. Forsaking the optical drive. Deemed old technology.

More like, now go out and buy the add on drive. $$$$

Having had my share for twelve months I would love to have the forum for a rant. Well, this is neither the place or the time. Instead, I’ll bitch and moan and take it it up the tail pipe.

Seems I’ve been here before.

The most awe inspiring experience without a doubt has been Parallel Desktop. Sensational. To be able to run Windows without ever really seeing it is just brilliant.

The biggest jaw dropper was having to download a third party app to rename multiple files at once. Come on……

And what’s with the whole Energizer/Duracell deal. If I was to suggest that my keyboard and mouse were never likely to be more than two meters from the screen why would they need to be wireless. Oh yeh, I know, so they can both (respectively) consume batteries like there was no tomorrow.

Full screen apps? Where’s the clock?

To know your OS you need to know your users.

Time to get with it Apple.