Is the Apple being peeled?

Well, it has been a year or so since Steve Jobs handed the reigns of his company over and went on to greener pastures. R.I.P.

What if he’d had a say in it? Would we now have an iPhone that by all appearances scratches just by breathing on it? Would he have ditched Google Maps in favor of an app that makes bridges look like roller coasters? The lack of content and accuracy is “magical”, “awesome”.

YouTube is gone. What the? It better not be taken from Apple TV. Speaking of which, the GUI is “bewildering” now.

The competition in this world of tech appears to be based on patents and law suits at the moment. I feel privileged to have been part of these formative years. By god don’t let our children grow up to think that it’s innovation that leads the way. No, no, margins all the way for us at the moment. Take 200 bucks worth of chips and a battery and make everyone believe that the result is the most awesome device known to man.

Then, wait for it, change everything. Even the App Store is now a joke on the iPad. Big rectangles per app now replace what was a reasonably useable interface. I am definitely a big fan of progress and the latter is simply change for change sake.

No location based reminders on a 3G iPad 3. Come on.

By all means introduce new technology and definitely not have the user-base pay for real time R & D. Not “cool”.

One of the most compelling seminars I’ve ever attended was entitled, “Innovate or Die”.

Hmmm, could it be an epitaph in this case?

Lets hope not.