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11/01/2010 Municipal works project.

11/01/2010 Municipal works project.

Today I was invited to take part in a municipal project. There is a dam across the road from the village and it is the main source of town water. A pumping system exists that pumps the water from the dam and then through a filtration system into a storage facility and from there it gets pumped into a water tower.

The issue that needed to be addressed was the fact that the dam’s water level had dropped due to a lack of rain and the main feed pipes to the pumps were now too close to shore. The obvious solution was to extend the pipes so that the inlets could be in deeper water. The willingness for the locals to volunteer was heartening to say the least. Then I discovered the main motive for their charity. Free food and drinks.

The work was proceeding as planned – assuming of course that there was one. Some pilings were fashioned from wood and taken out into the water. Then it was all aboard the cross spars that had been temporarily attached so the the pilings could be driven into the dam bottom.

While this was happening someone had the sense to remember that lunch would be required and with that shot home and fetched some fishing nets. So whilst the pilings were being driven into the muddy dam bottom we also has a couple of guys in the water casting nets to catch fish. A fire was started and fish were soon being BBQ’d.

Given the need for food more drinks were also required and soon the scene was more reminiscent of a Sunday BBQ then a public works project. However with the sun slowly starting to set some thought was given to finishing the required work and at least one of the pipes was extended.

I trust the second pipe will have been completed with equal gusto….

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