I bought a MacBook Pro

So, here I was two months ago complaining to everyone and sundry about my Acer notebook locking up when it chose to. I pinned it down to a heat issue and the notebook now resides in a much cooler place, though I might state also under a substantially greater amount of pressure. (You work it out).

My line of work requires a computer to provide 3D renderings without too much of an ask. Now after finally having had quite a few years of putting up, with…….PC ……oh sorry…. Where am I going with this…….? Finally, reality check,……..after 20 years, BB quote here, “I see the light”.

It’s not even the latest, as I had to have the one with a 17″ screen. Which, by the way, is sensational even though it doesn’t have double the pixel density. A colleague has a later model and is green with envy because of the bigger display.

Have to say even though this purchase was related to an article that had been off range for nearly 12 months I was made to feel the same as a current model purchaser.

The follow up from the sales department was sensational. Their product was delivered with the care and grace as if it had been the latest. The latter being a 17″ MacBook Pro. Good on you Apple.

Dare I say, I’m a convert. Sensational product, sensational service and a human answers the phone when you ring them.

Almost, “Magical”.