Home sweet home

So last night we arrived back home. Arrived 9:30 pm. Our Niece picked us up from the airport. Getting out of the airport car park was actually more arduous then flying here. You see every one tries to get a parking spot as close to the terminal as possible. This need is brought about by the fact that the locals don’t like walking. There were cars everywhere, double and triple parked. We then went down two levels only to find that level virtually deserted. Amazing.

Then there was of course a lovely jaunt along the expressway, which was almost the same as being stuck in the car park. One hour later we arrived at our destination. So what to do now? Eat of course. Then off to bed.

The latter being nothing like what is in store for us tonight. Our Niece lives in a lovely middle class enclave with all the mod cons us westerners have come to expect in life. Soft bed, proper toilet and bathroom with shower and air-conditioning. Sensational. However, it only serves to highlight the distinct difference we’ll be faced with tonight in Khon Kaen.