Windows hate point one.

I was one of the first kids on the block with the whole Win 8 preview install. The inducement being that you’d then be able to upgrade to the real thing for a mere penny’s worth of the real investment.

Well, twelve months on leaves to me to believe the price should have stayed the same. What Microsoft fail to realize is that it’s only an operating system. Meaning that if all your installed software is working within expected parameters you should never see the OS.

Windows 7 made a pretty good show of that. In fact on my Mac, installed as a virtual machine, it’s sensational. The virtualization software hides the OS so you can get on with just using the apps. Reality kicks in though as work demands us using legacy programs, Excel with VBA and industry specific design software. The latter being able to handle all that. (Just one file to back up, Compelling)

Now for windows hate point one. The latter being a bit harsh if it wasn’t for the fact that someone in MS land believes we’ll all be using touch screens soon or lose our fingers trying. The silly big bald man (x CEO) has everyone believing this is the way of the future. Hmmmm……. Just a few years behind of themselves when it comes to that.

I’ve been using Excel since version 1d. Access was first introduced as a mediocre database starter. Now that I’m using both in their 2010 iterations, I can’t possibly conceive of using them on the only tablet offer that MS has availed themselves of. In fact, I defy anyone to seriously use a legacy app on a MS surface.

Now back to Windoze hate point one. On a PC it is quite simple. Download Start8. It immediately reminds you of how the MS OS should operate.

For an even better MS Windoze hate experience, install it as a mere VM machine on a Mac and denigrate the bloat ware to the place it deserves.

You deserve better………