iOS 7, When Art meets function.

Who amongst us loves a particular keyboard or mouse? Usability right? Would one not be able to be coerced into believing that a mobile OS could be the same?

Of course I’m talking about iOS 7. The previous iteration, adopted by hundreds of millions around the world, was thrown overboard in one fell swoop without consultation. Security flaws included.

First impression is that this is Apple’s first foray into the whole world of iOS.

The control centre comes up on the lock screen enabling a would-be thief to invoke airplane mode without unlocking the device. Convenient right? Thereby disabling “find my iPhone, iPad” etc. all without unlocking said device. Sensational. Ney, magical.

Spotlight. Ruined. Drag down on the home screen and type say calculator the app will appear and a single tap doesn’t launch it.

Double tap the home key. Yep, I like the fact I can kill the apps by sweeping up. Tap outside of the active apps though and it should take the user back to the home screen. There should really be a kill-all function.

The backgrounds and icons no longer have the stable confident Apple look. Feigning the whole translucent look gives iOS 7 a feeling of weakness. What happened to the dock? Now a solid semi-translucent band across the bottom of the screen. Horrible.

iTunes. Play spot the search button game. What the?

Overall the symbology in IOS 7 is lame. Users of iOS 6 won’t have much of a problem migrating and will immediately get a feeling of having been robbed. New users will take longer to identify with this limp wristed approach to a mobile OS.

It’s the positiveness that’s lacking. If one was comparing iOS 7 to competition on an esthetic basis only, then this version would lose. 64 bit and all.



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