Excel or not.

My job demands a certain amount of keeping up with the Jones’ or in this case the Gates’

My latest foray into the world of software upgrades has left me aghast at what one company can achieve in no time flat with what was an OK system.

I’m talking of course about Office 2013. I mean what the hell? Did you even know what you were doing?

This whole Windows 8 thing has got MS thinking that everyone will be better off if all their software looked like it. Office 2013 is testimony to that.

Even on a descent monitor Excel looks like a 3rd grade startup. What was MS thinking this time? You got us with Windows 8 and now you’ll give us a double whammy with this load of tripe.

Any wonder people are falling over themselves to get away.

Who’s in charge there? Give us some sign that someone still has some sense.


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