Black Box

As it would currently seem, the powers at be can locate an individual’s mobile phone to within feet. So from one who’s seen the odd Aircrash Investigation episode, I have to wonder why we can’t find a plane’s CVR & FDR.

They say that the battery for the pinger is only good for a month. Sensational given that planes can obviously be missing for much longer that.

So here’s an idea. If the FDR is recording the flight data as the plane is plummeting into an ocean, it should eject itself seconds before the crash. Same for a ground crash. Prior to hitting the ground the FDR transmits a localized coordinate to a global satellite system that in turn makes the airline and Emergency Services aware of the crash. The FDR can then proceed to upload the data immediately. It’s sadly obvious that the pilots are much too engrossed in crashing the plane to carry out the latter.

Or, airlines should be made to own data centers so that FDR devices can communicate in real time. Every flight is logged and recorded in real-time.

All planes should be low-jacked so as to overcome the ident squawk disabling factor. If we can do it with cars why not planes? Treat them like Yellow Cabs and nothing more.


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