Songkran Day 1

Yesterday’s trip to Thailand was predominantly uneventful. Thai Airways was sensational as always and as much as I don’t sleep on planes the time seemed to pass quite quickly.

We arrived in Bangkok 6 am and the first order of the day was to obtain a SIM card for my beloved’s iPhone. This process has been made relatively easy as True now have a SIM card shop in the arrivals terminal. This just requires the owner of said device to remember their Apple ID and password. And that’s when the fight started…….

With SIM card issues resolved all we had to do now was meet up with our enterprising niece so we could off-load the near 15KG of lanolin creams and other skin enhancing products. Do check out PotterShopDirectfromUSA on Facebook.

With the import export rites out of the way it was only now that my wife realised airport personnel had singled out her suitcase with a “Heavy” tag. She seemed to be put out by this at first. I did impress upon her though, how lucky she was that Thai Air managed to get it on the same flight as us. Containers spring to mind……. (I did see “All Is Lost” last night and in the opening scenes I did think, “Hey that’s my wife’s suitcase”) BTW good movie.

Three hours later we were on a plane bound for Khon Kaen. I guess I could say that I’m now somewhat used to, no, dare I say, some what insular to being picked up from Khon Kaen airport. The event never leaves one with a feeling of normalcy and this time I was again greeted with a somewhat memorable event.

The main mode of transport here in North East Thailand would have to be without a doubt the ubiquitous pick-up. Available in all shapes and sizes, this vehicle fills a void in every Isan household. Our’s happens to have one with troop carrier accessory.

I have to side bar the ever memorable organisational skills of my wife and sister in-law at this time as without them it would have had five people arrive in Khon Kaen all at the same time. What’s the fun in that. 😄.

So not only was there no one to meet us at the airport when my wife and I arrived, we now had to wait three hours for the rest of the family to make their appearance. The locals were more appraised of our travel times than yours truelly. Or so it would appear.

When the troop carrier arrived I had to smile as twelve people got out to welcome five more with open arms. OK, I made the last bit up. They don’t welcome you with open arms. A simple sawasdee krup/ka and a smile will do.

Welcome home Johno……..


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