The Traffic Cop

Soaking up the local culture in small village in north east Thailand is most probably best achieved during local community events. One of the more notable of these would have to be Songkran.

What historically started out as well wishing ritual and a passing on of good luck has transformed into a nationwide, three to five day water fight.



What is not always obvious is how this event calls on local community members to help maintain a certain order. Now, the demands placed on theses certain individuals can’t be too onerous so as to not enjoy the festivities. The local constabulary will don colorful “Songkran” shirts and infiltrate the throng of revellers.

One such individual was a definite standout though and had to juggle the functions he was prevailed upon to perform. Hmmmm…… What to do, do I squirt the passers by with my water cannon or do I direct on coming traffic?


All I can report is that there were no traffic accidents and definitely a huge number of soaked locals.


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