Why I bought a Mac

Having used DOS/Windows based notebooks ever since there were notebooks I didn’t treat my next notebook purchase lightly. The year was 2013 and I decided to buy the last iteration of the MacBook 17. A refurbished one I might add.

Fast forward to November 2016.  My MacBook started to display some concerning green bands on the display and was stuck in a reboot loop.  Onto the Apple website, support etc and within minutes I’d secured myself a Genius Bar appointment.

The following Thursday saw my MacBook being diagnosed and it was determined that it was the system board.  Well, the graphics card most notably.  However, if the graphics card has to go then it entails a complete system board replacement. The Apple consultant asked me to wait while he consulted his manager. This being after he’d determined the issue by way of an error code on the screen.

While the consultant was out checking with his manager I googled the error code only to learn that the issue was a know/ documented one. The Apple consultant returned to confirm same. Not only that but that the system board ($927 AUD) would be replaced free of charge. Hmmm….. look of surprise etc

A refurbished machine, build year 2012, recognised by way of a replacement program some four years later.

That’s why you buy a Mac.

PS Replaced the HDD with a 1TB SSD two weeks ago and will now have a sensational notebook for some time to come.


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